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Taxi Troubles

So I haven’t signed up for Uber yet because I don’t feel like giving them my credit card information (I’m on a saving spree). I need to sign up.

Friday night my friends and I attempted to get a taxi to drive us from my apartment (near Quiet Storm) to either Bluemoon in Lawrenceville, 5801 in Shadyside or Livermore in East Liberty — we weren’t sure yet. However we didn’t make it to any of these places because the taxi never showed. Typical.

Side note — my boyfriend and I missed a MegaBus to NYC due to a Yellow Cab never coming. Yes, we’re still mad about having to cancel a whole weekend trip!

Anyways, after realizing the taxi was probably not coming we decided to walk to Brillobox down the street. Fun times, but after a drink or two we chose to hike down to Belvedere’s. We were sure that a taxi would come get us later.

Of course we were wrong. Even when we spoke to the guy several times and he said he was “around the corner” no one ever came. We trekked up the hill to Children’s Hospital where I saw an empty taxi, but the driver said he was “going other direction, call the company”, obviously angering me even more. So we continued down many blocks of Penn back to my apartment. Arg.

Will this problem ever be solved? Did Uber solve it? I don’t know. But it needs to be fixed. My friends, in from Chicago and Philly, were astonished at this situation. We’re all in agreement that the lack of reliability on taxis promotes drunk driving.

Please help future Mayor (Peduto)!


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