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The Duck.


As many of you may know by now; a 40 foot tall duck is now floating around our rivers, resting near The Point. I have been a skeptic of the duck since I first heard of it: Why is it coming? Why is it so big? What does it stand for? What’s the point? Can I please pop it? and most importantly–Why don’t we have a 40 foot tall Pirate ship floating around? This is our first winning season and playoff run since ’92!

I hit my duck-annoyance breaking point on the 27th, the day he was brought to life and floated down the river. My entire twitter feed was comprised of ducky tweets. There was a live photo blog, a live stream of him floating around and a Duck Watch on WPXI. WTF was going on?! I had planned to attend the various events held Downtown by the Cultural Trust (including the awesome Night Market and gallery crawl) but I truly was blown away (almost overwhelmed) by the number of people lining the Allegheny River. It was insane! Half of the attendees were ducked-out in yellow and ducky clothing. People watching at its finest.  The star of the night was an older orange-haired lady donning duck earrings, a yellow cardigan with white ducks and a sparkly-rhinestone duck purse! Clearly to her, Rubberducky was the one.

This duck drew a larger crowd than fireworks, July 4th, First Night or a playoff game. Although I’m not a big fan of the duck it was wonderful to see so many people in the city. I really hope to see more nights like these in the future.

Ducks1The downside to this duck coming to town is the amount of foie gras and other duck specials on local restaurant menus.  I recall seeing several tweets describing special duck items in honor of the big guy. This one in particular irked me:

verdeHopefully someday a giant, inflatable animal coming to town won’t probe chefs to create dishes specific to killing that animal. Learn more about the awfulness that is foie gras  here.



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