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Stand in the Rain…For Farm Animals

This Saturday I joined many other Pittsburgh vegans, vegetarians, carnivores and doggies in the pouring down rain to give farm animals a voice. Unfortunately it was decided that the weather was too awful to complete the actual 2.4 mile walk through Southside, but mingling with like-minded people, listening to a Farm Sanctuary speaker and eating some delicious vegan food was great in itself! I’m excited to be exploring more vegan and animal-welfare centered events in Pittsburgh. I’m actually pleasantly surprised how many events there are each week! Prior to being invited to the Pittsburgh Vegans Group on Facebook I didn’t know any vegans, and just a few vegetarians in the city. I’ve found the Pittsburgh vegan group is very active and large, it’s really exciting! I just recently became a vegan after five years as a vegetarian. Seeing how fun and community-centered the area vegans are made the transition easy for me. I look forward to becoming more active in the Pittsburgh animal and vegan communities.


This was the first time we have taken Fitzy to an outing. He did great! We’ve been taking Jackson to everything we can and keeping him as socialized (and desensitized) as possible. Fitz was polite to other dogs, and friendly to people who came up to pet him, he even got some greatly appreciated treats! It’s astonishing how good he is after being treated so poorly. That’s why I love animals.


Check out Walk for Farm Animals! http://walkforfarmanimals.org/


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