My 40 Days to a Personal Revolution

On October 1st I embarked on a personal journey through the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program by Baron Baptiste. I, along with about 10 others began to transform every aspect of our lives with each part of the overall program. Our challenges included: a daily yoga practice (increasing in time each week), a daily meditation practice (also increasing each week), recording what we eat, describing our feelings and thoughts in a journal, answering excavation questions, participating in weekly meetings, eliminating caffeine, sugar and alcohol, completing a three-day juice/fruit cleanse and reading the program’s book. Listing all the program attributes seems overwhelming, but I’m not sure the program would be whole without each one.

Throughout the day I realize the results of thinking through and just being in this transformation have made long-term impacts in my life. Baron’s words and Yoga Hive’s daily emails have provided me with knowledge and inspiration to make significant positive changes to the way I think and make it through the day. One of the most memorable is when Baron writes of letting things go that you cannot change.  Today Yoga Hive provided a great quote from the book:

The more we embrace the constant change of life, the less we are knocked over by it. And the less we can be affected by outside forces, the more inner triumph we experience on our spiritual journey. “

I tend to be angry and impatient while stuck in traffic or a long line at Whole Foods, but now I breathe through it and realize me bringing unwanted anger into my heart and mind is not doing any good.

The juice cleanse along with elimination of sugar, caffeine and alcohol have made me realize I don’t need to give in to these cravings. I was fearful of not eating normal meals  for three whole days and not indulging in my morning cup of coffee, but have comprehended I was doing those things in excess. Previously, when dining at restaurants I strove to devour my entire entree. Now, I’ve noticed now I eat less, and slower, and yet still feel satisfied. I may grab a healthy snack a few hours later, but I prefer eating several small meals to feeling “too-full-to-move” after one large one. I went 35 days without caffeine, but could not resist a Gingerbread Soy Latte last night. At first I was upset that I cracked, but now I’m so happy I walked in to Starbucks. After drinking it I felt crazy, hot, unable to concentrate and loopy. After being caffeine-free for so long I had learned to be my natural-self and putting foreign drugs into my body caused an extreme effect. Now I know that I can get through life without those stimulants.

The hardest part of this program for me was the meditation. I’m not sure if it’s my fear of mind, “lack of time” (I do have time) or my racing thoughts that did not allow me to sit everyday; but I don’t think I’m quite ready for a meditation practice in my life. I know the many benefits and listened to others enjoying their experiences; I’m looking forward to bringing meditation into my life, it just was not to happen in this 40 day program.

I recommend this program to anyone looking for a positive change within themselves. The journaling, readings and group meetings can unearth many deep thoughts about yourself, your life, your family and who you want to be. These findings are not only the scariest part of the program, but the best part too. I found I was often writing of the same toxic thoughts and relationships in my life, and am now trying to bring positivity and change to these relationships; as hard as that may be.

Kudos to Baron Baptiste for his excellent program and book and to the AMAZING Yoga Hive team!!!!!

Here’s to my last two days.


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